Have you tried the full range of healthy rapeseed oil products from Wharfe Valley Farms?


Our Wharfe Valley Farms product range has been designed to help customers make a healthy lifestyle change to rapeseed oil that can be sustained in 2018 – not just in January to achieve the short lived New Year’s resolution.

Spray rapeseed oil 200ml

Wharfe Valley spray oil 200ml

We offer a 200ml low calorie spray oil which is a ‘Slimming World’ listed choice, four 250ml salad dressings, tried and tested in our own kitchen over many hours, and five completely sugar free mayonnaises, perfect for Diabetics and those who are pregnant. You can get hold of five vinegars or an indulgent truffle oil too.

Alongside bottles of delicious cold pressed original and infused oils in 100ml, 250ml and 500ml which make healthy eating more sustainable. We achieved the coveted star in the Great Taste Award 2017 for our Sicilian Lemon, Chilli Infused and Coconut Oil and Rapeseed oil.

In 2017 Coconut and Rapeseed Oil was added to the menu to add a delicious and doubly nutritious product.

We know from experience that consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the long term benefits of switching to rapeseed oil based products to achieve a reduced calorie count, delicious taste and nutritional make-up.

As well as being 100% natural and chemical-free, our rapeseed oil range boasts:

  • Half the saturated fat of olive oil
  • High in essential oils from omega 3, 6 and 9
  • A rich source of Vitamin E
  • High in healthier monounsaturated fats
  • Helps maintain cholesterol levels
  • Retains all natural nutrients with its high smoking point
  • Contains no artificial preservatives and is trans-fat and GM free.If you still need convincing, then not only are our oils extremely good for you, they also taste great too!

We’ve added  a FREE DELIVERY CODE for online orders of £25+ placed in January 2018!

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We’ve also added a new non food product to our menu; an exciting children’s adventure story called Emma Bright and The Super Food Fight. This is available to order from our website for £4.50 with an RRP of £4.99.

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We’ve included a recent radio interview with Drystone Radio for our very own Sallyann Kilby if you would like to listen, click on the links below:


We wish you all the very best for the New Year ahead and look forward to sharing with you some more of our exciting news later this month!