There has been plenty of coverage on the news about COVID-19 (Coronavirus), and I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that at Wharfe Valley Farms we’ve already put contingencies in place. As the impact of COVID-19 is increasing, we want to ensure you of the steps we have taken to minimise disruption to our customers, and that we are continually reviewing our operations to ensure that our workplace, processes and valued employees are safe. We are adhering to the guidance from the Government and have followed these to the letter.

These steps fall into  key areas; Infrastructure, Remote Working, Meeting Precautions and Staff Cover.

Logistics :

We receive regular updates from all of our carriers on the procedures they are implementing to ensure they are able to continue operating their network, however please bear in mind that there transit times will likely be impacted in the worst affected areas globally. Our office remains open for business however we have reviewed our infrastructure to ensure that there will be no change in the quality of service provided to you should we have to close our office. You can continue to contact us by phone on 01937 572084 (Option 1) or email

Order Processing and Communications on our hosted infrastructure:

The majority of our infrastructure is hosted on the cloud. These companies already have strong contingencies in place, ensuring that the underlying services that we (and therefore you) rely upon will continue to run effectively. For more information from Microsoft, you can read their blog here.

Remote Working Capability

Additionally, the key software platforms our staff use to communicate with teammates and with customers are all cloud-based. As a farming family we live in the farmhouse onsite and work from our offices in a separate building. All staff members are fully equipped to work from home and all key staff have live-tested their home setup with various periods of working from home. This means we can continue to support our customers and maintain delivery solutions without needing to be in the office. We are confident that all critical services will continue to run as normal in the event of self-isolation or changes in Government advice.

Meeting Precautions

As a precaution, we’re recommending remote training and meetings for our staff with all customers, rather than on-site visits (where possible). However, this will be agreed on a case by case basis and is likely to change in line with changing Government advice.

Staff Cover

For all critical roles, other appropriate departments are ready, willing and trained-up to provide critical staff cover in the unlikely eventuality that several members of any one team are struck down at the same time. We hope that this information has been helpful in reassuring you. Other than that, we wish you and your team the very best, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can help in any other way.

Sallyann and Geoff Kilby March 16 2020