Supplying UK businesses

Wharfe Valley Farms supply over 400 UK’s businesses with their award winning cold-pressed rapeseed oil products including oils, salad dressings, sugar free mayonnaise and fruit vinegar. Well known for our ability to diversify when necessary, Wharfe Valley are currently offering a World Health Organisation formula (WHO) hand sanitiser in 1 litre and 5 litres, to supply the current UK demand at this critical time. With a contract bottling facility and an own labeling option let us know if you would like a quote.

Supplying leading independent food retailers including farm shops, cafes, delis, restaurants and butchers to wholesalers, caterers, food service providers with our Wharfe Valley brand as well as supermarkets with our YORS brand.

Our products have Vegan, Vegetarian Society and Salsa accreditation ensuring we have everything in place to guarantee the high quality of our products and processes. Working with many of our customers from the start in 2006 we have earned an excellent reputation for exceptional service and customer care.

Our range includes Great Taste award winning original and infused flavour rapeseed oils, grown, cold pressed and bottled on our farm in Collingham, near Wetherby, in the beautiful Wharfe Valley of Yorkshire.

Wharfe Valley Farms rapeseed oil flavours include: Original, Sicilian Lemon, Garlic and Rosemary, Chilli, Smoked, Cracked Black Pepper, Coconut and Truffle oil. We also offer a very popular 200ml spray oil for those on a diet or counting calories.

  • Sizes: Available in 100ml, 200ml spray, 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L, 20L.
  • Our minimum order for free delivery is 2 x 12 products (mixed).
  • Products packed in 6/box and available mixed across the product range.
  • Product available in wholesale mixed half and pallet quantity with pricing on request in 500ml, 5 litre or 20 litres.

Salad dressings:

A choice of four dressings available in: Summer Herb, Sweet Apple, Honey, Mustard and Elder-flower and Chilli, Ginger and Orange varieties. Size 250ml.

Sugar Free Mayonnaise:

A Wharfe Valley Farms recipe suitable for diabetics or those counting calories, available in five flavours: Lemon, Smoked, Garlic, Smoked Garlic, Lemon and Garlic, in 200gms jars.

Fruit Vinegar:

Ideal mixed with our rapeseed oils we offer a wide choice of popular flavours including Plum, Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Blackberry and Rhubarb. All using fresh, natural ingredients in 250ml bottles.

Wharfe Valley is an established brand name throughout the UK, supplying leading London restaurants, with product appearing on TV’s Masterchef, Countryfile and Ade In Britain, (Ade Edmundson’s food tour), plus Great British Menu. The choice of celebrity chef’s who regularly endorse our rapeseed products on many occasions.

Our supermarket brand is available across the range: Find out more on

Own label: We offer an own-labeling service for customers who wish to offer their own branded rapeseed oil to their target market.

Contact us: on 01937 572084 or email: to find out more.