It’s November already and we are heading at the speed of light towards Christmas. Just where is the time going? Tomorrow sees us dashing off to Chatsworth for the Christmas Fair. Those of you who have not attended before, its a great day out, well worth a visit, and the decorations in the house are superb. I am really looking forward to seeing their ideas, only problem is – I dash home to try to recreate things at home and for some reason they just do not work. Could it be the difference in house size? Their stairs alone would more than fill our entire house!!

I have packed my thermals, fingerless gloves etc and hope that this year we will once again see the first fall of snow. Hopefully our stand will be next to someone with lots to tempt me for Christmas presents. Last year I think we managed to buy something from every stand. Obviously the alcohol stands took a lot of our business, closely followed by the food stands, and then the gifts – every dog we know now has a new bed and coat! Hopefully our new gift packs will add to the list of everyone’s must buy this year, we look forward to your comments.

Our friends Posh Pots will be there with their great pots and I am looking forward to hearing Gordon’s joke of the season. No doubt it will make me groan!

Stephen is really busy with his stoves. With all the talk of power cuts, stoves are flying out at a rate of knots. There are going to be some very warm people this winter. He has had to move his office into another building to give us some peace, only problem is – there is no heating, and they are all frozen! They just do not have time to put one in either.

If I do not have time to write again before Christmas, we will once again be at BBC Good Food Show at the NEC in the beginning of December, so do drop by to say ‘hello’. Its always great to catch up with people. Have a great Christmas and remember to put plenty of Rosemary and Garlic oil on your roasties!