Sallyann from Wharfe Valley Farms at The Ivy in London

Sallyann is pictured outside The Ivy where we had the opportunity to showcase our oils to around 60 journalists, fitness experts and cookery writers before a fab lunch cooked with our oils. The session was hosted by Greg Wallace of Masterchef fame and Dr. Sarah Jarvis of the BBC’s One Show and their favourite GP.

This was in the earlier days of rapeseed oil production in the UK when the health and taste benefits of this oil as a cooking medium were little known. How times have changed! We like to think we had more than a little to do with the uptake of origin aand infused rapeseed oils.

Sallyann is holding bottles of Wharfe Valley’s Yors rapeseed oil brand which we make exclusively for our Supermarket customers.

All we have is a newspaper clipping of this memorable day – apologies for the colour quality!