Wharfe Valley Farms - Erika's Yorkshire Puds

Taking tips from ‘the best’!

Ok, so they may not be the perfect looking, but Erika’s Yorkshire Puddings performed well when made for dinner one night, after she worked with Stephanie Moon (Chef Consultant) on a video shoot for Wharfe Valley, as part of our Celebrity Chef Challenge event.

Steph made some fabulous puddings – all using the same, simple recipe….

Step 1 –                Take a container (cup, mug, jar etc). Erika took a bowl 8cm tall by 7cm wide

Step 2 –                Fill (right to the top) with flour – empty into a mixing bowl

Step 3 –                In the same container, fill (right to the top) with milk – empty into the mixing bowl

Step 4 –                In the same container, fill (right to the top) with eggs – no matter how many eggs  – fill the whole container – empty into the mixing bowl

Step 5 –                Put the pudding tray into the oven onto 180 degrees, and leave to heat

Step 6 –                Whisk all mixture together very well

Step 7 –                 Strain the liquid mixture into another bowl and leave to stand

Step 8 –                Pour Wharfe Valley Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil (Original, or any of the infused flavours – Garlic & Rosemary, Black Pepper, Smoked, Chilli, Lemon)

Step 9 –                Empty the mixture into the hot pudding trays

Step 10 –              Leave for 25 minutes and take tray from oven

Step 11 –               Take puddings from the hot pudding tray and serve! Yum.

Erika said, “Steph’s recipe seemed so simple, and totally different from what I had followed before. Served with a hearty stew the puddings might not be the best looking – but they tasted great!”.