Taking a broader business perspective

Whilst we supply over 3,400 UK businesses with our award-winning cold-pressed rapeseed oil products including oils, salad dressings, sugar-free mayonnaise and fruit vinegars, we also have a growing enterprise in working with other businesses to take their products to market.

Contract Bottling

Whatever your bottling needs, we have on-site facilities, where we are able to offer producers nationwide a service where we are able to bottle and label a variety of liquids and other oils under their own brand names.

From oils to cocktails – vinaigrettes to dressings, we can cater for quantities small or large, enabling customers to take their products to market or for market research, consumer testing etc – or fulfilling their orders. We are also certified to Soil Association standards for organic liquids.


Should you require only labelling for your products, again, we are able to accommodate your needs.

World Health Organisation

Of course, in our typical farmer’s ‘can-do’ attitude at all times, we diversified during the start of the Covid 19 pandemic in 2020 and offered World Health Organisation approved hand sanitiser to support the UK demand at a critical time.

View available products in our Hand Sanitiser section