Wharfe Valley Mayonnaise x2 and Dressing x1 – Gift Pack


Choose your own selection of 2 x (160gsm) mayonnaise and 1 x (250ml) dressing.

The perfect gift pack with a healthy twist. This is a fantastic way to try our choice of 5 healthy mayonnaise or choice of 4 dressings to add to a gift pack this Christmas.

Mayonnaise: Wharfe Valley Lemon and Garlic, Lemon, Smoked Chilli, Smoked Garlic, Smoked.

Dressings: Wharfe Valley Farms Honey Mustard and Elderflower, Sweet Apple, Chilli Ginger, Summer Herb dressing.


This healthy gift pack includes 2 jars of 160gsm sugar free mayonnaise plus 1 250ml bottle of dressing presented in a labelled box.

Select your choice of flavours from those listed below. We are very proud of this range of healthy cold pressed rapeseed oil and free range pasteurised eggs. Perfect for Diabetics and those who are pregnant.

Mayonnaise choice includes: smoked, smoked garlic, lemon garlic, smoked chilli, lemon.

Wharfe Valley Dressings choice: sweet apple, honey, mustard and elderflower, chilli ginger and spiced orange, summer herb.