Go Eco Briguettes


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  • Ideal for multi-fuel stoves and open fires
  • Carbon neutral
  • Made from our own farm grown rapemeal
  • Energy value of 22/24MJ/kg
  • Burns 2x hotter 3x longer than wood*
  • Weight: 15kg
  • In stock
  • Delivery: 2-3 working days
  • Price: £5.50+Vat

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Glo Eco Briquettes are a carbon neutral fuel for stoves and open fires. The CO2 released in burning has only been absorbed by the growing rape crop within the last 9-12 months. VO2 from coal was captured millions of years ago and CO2 from wood and timber was absorbed up to 100 years ago. When these material burn, they release the COs back into the environment.

Glo Eco Briquettes only use the rapemeal from our own waste material produced from the oil extraction process. It hasn’t been transported around the world, using up precious fossil fuels.

Glo Eco Briquettes for stoves have an energy value of 22/24MJ/kg, twice the energy of logs and these briquettes burn twice as hot and three times longer than logs and coal.

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