Sugar Free Mayonnaise

When Sallyann, our MD, was diagnosed with Diabetes, she was horrified to find so many mayonnaises containing sugar. So, in her formidable style she set about developing a sugar free recipe.

We now have five mayos in our range, all made with fresh egg yolk and our own Extra Virgin Cold Pressed rapeseed oil which gives a silky, light, sugar-free and healthy product.

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More About Our Sugar Free Mayonnaise

Our mayonnaise is a simple recipe made with our cold pressed rapeseed oil and fresh egg yolk. Honest tasty sugar free mayo available in a choice of five flavours.

Smoked Mayo

Slowly smoked in our own smoke house, the flavour of this mayonnaise is subtle and evocative of those summer evenings with a barbeque gently cooking in the background.

Smoked Chilli

Imagine the barbeque flavour with the added gentle hint of chilli. Not enough to overpower, just enough to enhance the heat of the food.

Smoked Garlic Mayo

Now this one is a game changer! Smokey and rich and with the flavour of garlic. A real winner on chips according to our extra virgin girls!!!

Lemon Mayo

A rich lemon infused mayonnaise, which enhances so many dishes and adds a zing to the plate.

Lemon and Garlic Mayo

A combination of the rich lemon mayonnaise and garlic pieces. How can you resist?