Is it my age do you think?  Time is passing so quickly, and we are nearly at the end of 2016.  Where has the time gone?

What a year it has been. Chatsworth last year left me in bed until January hence not attending this year!  It was great to lose the weight though.

This year has seen many changes – the Stove business and the hearth business are manically busy which is great, and the  bathroom side is also growing.  We have more staff and are running out of space.  So we are looking to expand again.  New presses and new equipment, for the oil, together with more staff.  Lots of moving of machinery and new computer programmes to help us to grow efficiently and give you all good service.

Having said all  of that we have had a major server crash.  A power cut and the server died.  So to everyone.  If you have emailed us and not had a response, or have phoned and not heard rom us over the past month, we have been without phones, computers and emails are still a bit iffy.  We are installing a dedicated line so that that everything will work beautifully, all  the time, and have brought in more staff to  help us to catch up.  If we have learnt anything it is that even with backups things take time to out right.

So thank you to all who have been understanding, and we are catching up!  Have a great Christmas and feel free to read more of our blogs here.