This week here at Wharfe Valley we are pressing rapeseed grown for us by local friends and farmers, Edward and Alastair Alton.

We first met the family in Young Farmers days, and then progressed to Round Table, as you did in those days!   We have been lucky enough to be able to see them during lockdown when allowed and have enjoyed sitting outside drinking soup and eating bacon butties.

There are some friends who you can rely on for anything and this family belongs in that group! 

As a small community-minded family business we know each and every farmer who grows their seed for us, not because we met them in some meeting or other, but because we grew up with them, like we did with Edward. Our friendship with some goes back over 60 years, and we enjoy working together.  We give them the best price we can for their rapeseed, not because that is what they ask, but because that is what we want to do.  We work on trust and enduring friendships that ensure business continuity for us and employment for our team members.