Wharfe Valley have partnered up with a local hand sanitiser station producer to supply our customers with a robust and durable, portable and easy to assemble, station to dispense hand sanitiser safely.

In April 2020 Wharfe Valley added a range of high quality, 80% ethanol hand sanitiser to our product portfolio in a 1L bottle and a 5L container. This was well received by our customers and so we then introduced a spray lid and an automated, battery operated dispenser to the range. Since then we have seen growing demand for our products as the threat of Covid-19 still exists, especially since the hospitality sector re-opened.

The portable sanitiser station was an obvious addition to the new hand hygiene range as it means that customers and staff have easy access to a well positioned, durable and robust station.

As a food producer we understand that hand hygiene has never been as important. We tried the sanitiser station out onsite for ourselves and the staff found it to be an ideal solution to wash hands and keep everyone safe.

It is used along with the dispensers which are battery or mains operated and are suspended securely from the station. Local retailers already have this in operation and feedback has been really positive from them and their customers. With additional ongoing supply of both gel and liquid hand sanitiser available it’s our one stop shop for all your hand sanitising needs.

To find out more contact 01937 572084 or email oils@wharfevalley.co.uk.

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