Here at Wharfe Valley Farms, nestled in the heart of the ‘Golden Valley’ in West Yorkshire, we’re not only multi – Award Winning Rapeseed Oil producers, with an excellent reputation for the quality of our oils, but also the service we provide within the food & catering industry.

Whether that’s in retail, foodservice or amongst numerous celebrity chefs, with whom we’ve worked over the years.

However, we have also been gaining a great reputation for our bulk, and customised bottling and labelling services.

Supplying bulk orders from 1,000 ltr IBC’s and Tight Head food grade Drums, to 20ltr, 5ltr and 1 ltr jerry cans – as our customers require them.

Bottling and labelling has also grown in volume.  Whether it’s our oil in your bottles & branding, or your oil, bottles and branding. Anything from small runs of to ‘000s of litres. We like to think that we’re providing a tailored service for our customers specific needs and requirements – so if you need to buy in bulk, or require bottling or labelling, please just give us a call