It’s time to start thinking of Christmas  – yes it really is!

Sallyann give us her latest update on goings on down at the farm:

“So this weekend we have decorated the Wharfe Valley Stoves Showroom. We have been really fortunate to have an award-winning visual display expert amongst our friends, who has kindly volunteered to add a bit of sparkle to the place.  Well actually he took one look at our efforts, despaired and decided he needed to take it in hand!!  We are really chuffed with the results.  His contact details are available if anyone wants their house/showroom to have a touch of wonder this year!

The oil side is speeding up with new flavours in the mix and the Christmas gift packs ready to start flowing out of the door. More on this on our Social Media soon.

So far we have not had any problems with delivery, although our couriers are starting to mutter about delays in the future.  All the crops are in the ground now, ready to see what the weather is going to throw at us this coming year.  Some of them have even poked their first shoots out of the ground!  Prices are a nightmare and with fertiliser in very short supply it is going to be difficult to work out the financial requirements for the next year. 

Contract Bottling is busy with Christmas orders from our Cocktail Man stacking up ready to be sent out.  There are so many lovely choices it is difficult to know which one to choose.  Although at the moment I am rather stuck on the porn star martini……”

Say no more!