April 18 2020 update from Wharfe Valley Farms

Sallyann Kilby, Director of Wharfe Valley Farms

As a Director of Wharfe Valley Farms I am finding, like many others in my position, that I am having to wear many hats (metaphorically); From managing accounts to cleaning, farm hand to bottling ┬ároom assistant, new product developer, coming up with new products in the farm kitchen, new business development and customer services. It’s exhausting but as a Yorkshire farming family we are used to coping with challenges and having to find ways to diversify. It can get overwhelming but I’ve learnt that the best way to cope is to take on the many challenges we are all facing each day as they become most problematic, remain optimistic, support each other and to ensure we all stay safe and well.

With a further three weeks of lockdown announced yesterday we are meeting the Covid-19 pandemic challenge head on at Wharfe Valley, continuing to supply demand for our cold pressed rapeseed oil range across all areas of the food sector.

I am working hard to strengthen my contacts network now more than ever and welcome connections from all areas to share updates, ideas and solutions. Email: sallyann@wharfevalley.co.uk or call 01937 572084.