It only took a few days; the right product; and the right occasion for North Street Deli in Wetherby to try a new product in their busy kitchen – Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil from Wharfe Valley Farms just a few miles down the road.

When we called in to meet owners, Diane Knowles and Alan Heeley, and presented our Original Rapeseed Oil, and Infused flavoured oils, we were greeted with great interest in our products, and a keen eye to spot the potential for adding something special to their dishes.

With over 10 years running the Deli, Diane and Alan (who are both trained chefs), have a loyal and supportive customer base both for the Deli Café offering, but also a growing Contract Catering and Speciality Dinners audience.

Eager to try one of our infused oils – Chilli – Diane prepared their traditional hummus with ciabatta bread and spicy tortilla chips for a current customer who wanted some nibbles for a midnight feast after the races with friends – this time Diane added our Chilli oil to the hummus ‘for extra depth’.

The feedback was overwhelmingly ‘thumbs up’ – ‘we’ll have that one again’

Well Done to the Deli team.