This month at the farm!

It’s been a toil of a month here at the Farm and we may well be reaching for the gin this weekend! However, all the hard work that the team puts in, including producing mountainous amounts of paperwork, to keep everything we do compliant and up to standard has been recognised as we have passed 3 sets of inspections during January.

Week 2: Salsa Inspection. Nothing to do with dancing or dips! This is serious stuff – Safe and Local Supplier Approval – which helps local and regional food producers supply products to national and regional buyers.

Week 3: Trading Standards inspection.

Week 4: Soil Association. This charity literally digs deeper to transform the way we eat, farm and care for our natural world. Definitely values we hold dear.

These approvals and accreditations are vital to our business. After a brief pause we’ll be focusing on developing our rural businesses further in 2022.