Wharfe Valley Farms Home of Extra Virgin Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil

  • Wharfe Valley Farms award winning Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil has a delightful nutty flavour and is full of natural goodness.
  • The Kilby family are 3rd generation farmers producing Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil, grown, pressed and bottled on our farm near Wetherby in the beautiful county of Yorkshire since 2006.
  • We continue to use traditional methods of ‘swathing’ which is chemical free harvesting, and where possible, bottle to order to ensure the freshest flavour.
  • Brimming with health benefits including half the fat of other oils, our rapeseed oil has been endorsed by celebrity chefs, foodies and nutritionists who value its heart healthy, delicious taste and cooking performance at the highest temperatures.

Have you made the switch to our Rapeseed Oil?

Wharfe Valley Farms Rapeseed Oil is available to purchase from us at the farm, at deli’s and farm shops across the country and online from our :  Online Shop