Wharfe Valley Farms Home of Extra Virgin Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil

  • Wharfe Valley Farms is owned by the Kilby family, third generation farmers, producing Award Winning, Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil, grown, pressed and bottled on our farm near Wetherby since 2006.
  • Yorkshire’s first rapeseed oil producer and third nationally.
  • The local free draining, fertile limestone soil on our farm ensures the golden colour and delightful nutty flavour, full of natural goodness, in every bottle of rapeseed oil produced.
  • We continue to use traditional methods of ‘swathing’, chemical free harvesting, and where possible, bottle to order, to ensure the freshest flavour.
  • Brimming with health benefits including half the fat of other oils, our rapeseed oil has been endorsed by celebrity chefs, foodies and nutritionists who value its heart healthy, delicious taste and cooking performance, at the highest temperatures.


Why switch to rapeseed oil:


Upto 50% less saturated fat than other culinary oil

Less monosaturated fat than olive oil, but a bigger proportion of  polyunsaturated fat

High in vitamin E and many other beneficial nutrients

Has a higher smoke point than other oils of up to 230oC

Extra Virgin and cold pressed only once


Find out more about the HEALTH BENEFITS here.


Have you made the switch to rapeseed oil yet?

We offer a range of  30 rapeseed oil products:

  • Plain and infused flavours in a range of sizes
  • Dressings
  • Mayonnaise
  • Truffle and rapeseed oil mix
  • Fruit vinegars

We offer a range of gift packs and hampers which can be personalised to suit your taste starting from as little as £8.


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We supply over 400 farm shops, delicatessens and restaurants throughout the UK where you can buy our range of products. Contact us to find your nearest stockist:

Email: oils@wharfevalley.co.uk

or call 01937 572084

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